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O.A.R. Red Rocks/Standing on a Burning Hot Sun

This past summer Vital Companies worked with O.A.R. to produce their “Live on Red Rocks” DVD and its accompaniment, the 45-minute documentary, “Standing on a Burning Hot Sun”.  Vital traveled to New York and Maryland with the band to film two shows on their Summer Crush concert tour, using this footage to create the short documentary. 

While touring with the band, the crew captured O.A.R.’s most personal and genuine moments to create a video that truly shows what a summer concert series means to the band as well as the fans.  It includes 22 live songs, interviews with O.A.R. as well as interviews with its fans along with backstage footage and fan provided content.  The Red Rocks release is the first live DVD to include the horn section that joined the band on their past two summer tours.  Released in conjunction with the DVD is the live audio CD.  They are both available in physical form and also in HD on iTunes. 

CCAD MFA + Portfolio

Vital recently joined forces with Columbus College of Art & Design. CCAD is in the third year of its MFA program.  Vital is producing an overview recruitment video of the new graduate studies experience. Vital interviewed students and staff about the program as well as followed them through their day-to-day classes and personal art practice in their studios. 

Vital is also creating CCAD’s new “Portfolio How-To” video for prospective students.  Through interviews as well as motion graphics, the video focuses on the general guidelines of what makes a strong portfolio and steps for how to put one together. The video aims to help all art students with their portfolio, not just CCAD applicants.  The collaboration is an exciting opportunity for Vital to work with fellow artists. 

We're Looking For Scripts!


Columbus, OH – We are excited to announce that Vital Companies is on the hunt for a story to be told on the big screen.  Vital partnered with Sooney Kadouh on This Narrow Place (Winner for Best Feature at Ashland Independent Film Festival and Best Producer at Abu Dhabi Film Festival), and produced the O.A.R. documentary Standing on a Burning Hot Sun.
“We’re looking for a short story that isn’t horror, isn’t an all out action movie, or a time-period piece.  It can be a comedy, it can be drama, or it can be both.  Anything written that can be filmed in the middle of Ohio is a plus.  Personally, I’m hoping to find a writer that wants to be a part of the creative and production process.”

- Chris Kost,  Director/Editor

Please submit your
one-page summary or script as a PDF file to  Scripts submitted must be 20 pages or less.

Deadline for your one-page summary is August 1st, 2014.